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10 Foods rich in protein

Eating a protein-rich diet can assist humans lose weight. A high protein diet can help construct lean muscle when combined with exercising. Lean muscle enables to burn extra calories in the course of the day, which can also help with weight reduction

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5G Technology and future is here

5G stands for "5th Generation" is much more than the future of global telecommunications, offering more bandwidth than anyone ever imagined (think of downloading entire movies in a few seconds) and enough to make the Internet of Things a daily realit

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The period of being single again should allow you to not only rediscover yourself, but also to start learning when it's the right time to get back into the dating world.DO SPEND TIME WITH GOOD FRIENDSYour goal after a breakup is to stop sulking and s

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Why are people Superstitious?

Superstitions can be defined as irrational beliefs, especially with regards to the unknown.With the entry of another Friday the thirteenth, you might feel a little uneasy today. Likewise with dark felines, broken mirrors, a considerable lot of us con

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The World's most powerful passport in 2018

According to passport index ranking SINGAPORE holds the strongest Passport. Singaporean citizens have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 166 countries and territories.  HOW THEY MADE IT? Singapore was also amongst the one of the British co

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Taking freelancing as a career

"Sometimes You Make the Right Decision, Sometimes You Make the Decision Right" Freelancing is not that easy that we think in this world of Technology. Now a days it has become a proper carrier for youth. Although it demands for bunch of exper

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The health benefits of coffee

If you're reading this article with your phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, we have some fantastic scientific news for you about the potential health benefits of coffee.The study was carried out by researchers from a range of mor

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Nature vs Nurture facts

Nature refers to the biological factors in a human. It is the genetic makeup of an individual. These genes are unchangeable blueprints and defines Information of traits such as hair color and type, eye color, height, and physical makeup. These are

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